Welcome Home

Déryné has been the local Grand Café and Bistro for those living in the inner Buda districts since the early 1910s, originally family-owned and operated by the August family. One of the first institutions to be granted a 24/7 caffehouse status in the city, with a French bakery and patisserie right on the premises, live music, fresh international papers and a lively terrace, Déryné has soon became and still is a landmark Brasserie with style, history and culture. Since 1914, just a bit over a 100 years.

We Are the Bistro

We are the heartbeat, the soul and life of Déryné. The owning family, the bakers, patisseurs, cooks, chefs, maids, waiters together with our guests make up the comunity that have welcomed friends and visitors day after day for so many years. We are here to be your best friends while in Budapest and make sure that you become a regular if you are here for 10 years or 10 days. And we hope to make our great city a lot more lovelier than you would ever expect. Drop in for an afternoon caffee and listen to our live piano music, or maybe for a glass of wine or some oysters after theater. Make us a stop on your bike trail or your morning run or be a regular for our business bistro lunch and you will always be greeted with the smile you have come to expect in this lazy, relaxed corner of old Buda. Our family consists only of professional, family-oriented, open-minded folks with a passion for hospitality. If you are interested in a career opportunity, please send a CV to mybistrojob@gmail.com and we will soon get back to you.

Sunday Brunch Party

Deryne has been the weekend brunch capital of the Buda hills for several years in a row. We are expecting our regulars with hand-written welcome cards, a great selection of oysters and seafood with champagne or prosecco and a special weekend a-la-carte menu with warm breakfast items till 4 pm. Live, soft gipsy music and an upbeat local crowd will always cheer you up with a good buzz and our kids' corner with a babysitter will take care of your kids while you relax and enjoy your weekend. And now introducing our iconic Sunday Brunch Party with local DJs starting at 2pm every Sunday going strong with a party atmosphere all the way till the evening hours. Reservations required. Enjoy!

Our Food

Our menu has not changed much over the past years. We are dedicated to serving simple, honest brasserie food that people next door will drop in for on a daily basis. Our soups, sides, salads weekend specials, fruit cakes and cheesecakes however will change with the season. We do not have many fish items on the regular menu cards because we serve fish in whole, market fresh and by the weight off our open Oyster and Fish bar in the main dining room. We are honored by being the largest Michelin-recommended bistro in Budapest now 4th year in a row.menu

Our Bread

Déryné first and foremost is about our bread. Our house bakery has been the backbone of our service since day one. We start our breakfast service bringing hot, fresh bread off our ovens and fill our bakery shop next door with over 40 different types of savory and sweet products for the locals that line up as early as 7 in the morning. Good bread is what we are! All artisan, with no preservatives, no artificial ingredients using only age-old recepies and methods. In fact, some of our customers come just for the bread and stay for the rest.

Your Déryné

We would love to be your Déryne. Private wine tastings, jazz concerts, baking courses, piano nights, cigar and rum tastings all sweeten your urban life once you become part of our small community of friends. Should you be interested to attend some of our events, let us know your email address below so we can send you invitations from time to time.

Or if you wish to organize a specific private party, please drop us a line at friends@deryne.com or call Brigi and Betti Patricia at +3670 397 2537 and we will take care of you.

Déryné for business

Déryné is a local favourite for groups and functions of any size. We serve our VIP business parnters with morning press conferences, business breakfast, lunch, dinner and laid-back, cool wine tastings. We will be proud to be a part of your special occasion from 20 to 250 people. We have been partnering with the following companies so far for private functions: Telekom, RTL-Klub, TV2, Apple Hungary, Market Zrt., Vodafone Hungary, Telenor, Hungarian Olympic Association, The Prime Minister's office, Ministry of Finance, Budapest Stock Exchange, Concorde Zrt, Equilor and the list goes on and on... Call Brigi in regular business hours at +3670 397 2537, or drop us a line at friends@deryne.com. If you already know your specific date, group size and function, please check our availability below:


"Tizennyolc" or "Eighteen" is Déryne's special dinner series featuring a large sharing table and eighteen guests registering for a feast with our owners, chefs, managers and the featured winemaker. We are in our 4th year, and have hosted over 80 dinners with such iconic winemakers as Krisztián Sauska, Ferenc Takler, István Szepsy, Tamás Dúzsi, Frigyes Bott, Franz Weninger attending the dinner in person with their spouses, bringing their best wines for a tasting. This is an invitation-based dinner. If you’d like to be part of the '18' community, please subscribe below.